Award Winning Real Estate Team...with an Overflow of Serious Buyer and Seller Prospects...Seeks One or Two Professional Full Time Team Members Who Want To Work Reasonable Hours, Have Flexibility and Make More Money In Real Estate!

My name is Vinny Steo and as you may or may not know, I’m an “untraditional” Real Estate Team Leader...consistently finding that we have an overflow of Buyer and Seller Prospects and not enough team members to help them.

Because of our unique marketing methods and systems, I have continuously have an overflow of prospects to follow up with...and they all want information on how to purchase property and/or sell their existing home.

This is where you come in:

Our system can put you in the very enviable position by helping us assist these prospects. You see, most of the people who call day to day need a realtor to work with. (That’s right, all of the Buyer and Seller prospects call us - our Team does no cold-calling) The best part is that you don't have to be that Realtor and you can still make tons on money when they buy or sell. No more pounding the pavement with Buyers or dealing with the stress of listings not selling. As an Inside Sales Lead Conversion Agent you simply follow up on these warm leads, and following my ultra successful system convert these prospects to an appointment for one of our highly experienced outside sales agents who takes it on to the closing table.

Here’s My Offer…

We are offering to give you an endless stream of leads and appointments to follow up with in exchange for you joining my team. Plus you will receive the same leading edge coaching and training that has made me one of the top agents in our region. You will have full access to all of these systems.

We have prepared a free, no obligation report titled "Success Now, Guaranteed" detailing how our system works and how you can benefit. For your free copy please fill out the form to the right. All inquiries are kept confidential. Thank you.

"I joined Vinny Steo in July 2009 and have been overwhelmingly satisfied with my decision. I worked as an independent agent for several years and was never able to achieve the consistency that I was looking for. Since working with Vinny, I receive a steady flow of leads on a daily basis which I am able to turn into solid transactions. I have been able to fill my pipeline with clients which has enabled me to achieve the consistency I have been striving for. Even in today's difficult market, 2009 has been my best year in real estate!"

Lynn, The Steo Home Selling Team

“Not many people can this but I LOVE MY JOB!!!It is different every day and I learned a great many things since working here.Being part of this team is full of challenges and I find it very rewarding.I especially enjoy working with a great group of people who really know the real estate business.”

Lisa, The Steo Home Selling Team.

“I have been working with Vinny for three years now and being part of the team has been very fulfilling.I love the cooperation from other team members because there is a clear focus on what needs to be done.The team is well organized and we all contribute our part to make everything run smoothly.It is a great atmosphere to be a part of”

Chris, The Steo Home Selling Team

To Your Success,

Vinny Steo