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Hi, my name is Vinny Steo, Team Leader for The Steo Team at RE/MAX Components.

Because of our unique marketing methods and systems, I have continuously had an overflow of prospects to follow up with...and they all want information on how to purchase property and/or sell their existing home. This is where you come in...

You Could Increase Your Appointments, Showings & Closings Literally Overnight! Our system can put you in the very enviable position by helping us assist these prospects. You see, most of the people who call day to day need a realtor to work with. That’s right, all of the Buyer and Seller prospects call us - our Team does no cold-calling. I’m looking for serious real estate professionals to handle these prospects.

Here’s My Offer…

I'm offering to give you an endless stream of leads and appointments to work with in exchange for you joining my Team. Sales associates on my Team get to keep the money that they make because there are virtually no expenses. Plus you will receive leading edge training on all our systems, marketing and consumer programs what will make it easier for you to get more closings, month in and month out. These same systems allowed me personally to sell nearly 2,000 homes and make over $6,000,000 in commissions. You will have priority access to the same systems - and - I will personally show you how to use them so you can sell more too.

If you would like to schedule a no obligation 1-hour Q&A, please call us at 443-877-4112 Or if you are not quite ready yet I have prepared a Free Special Report entitled "The End Of Prospecting Forever". To order your FREE copy simply complete the form on this page. Thank you.

Hear What Our Team Members Have To Say


“The biggest differences I have noticed so far immediately is the structure in place.  It has allowed me to grow personally and in my business;  to actually build different pillars in my business and expand financially.  I am able to grow in a lot different ways.  Bringing more to the table,  learning new incentives to offer our buyers and sellers.  It is a great environment with a lot of support. It has grown to an unexpected level as far as staying busy with both buyers and sellers; and having a stable foundation of steady income that will be producing and coming in, which is always nice in the business.” Maureen – The Steo Team
“I would say the main difference is that from my experience;  how it works for most teams is that you are on a much more individual basis. You are on an island, you are required to do all that aspects of the job: find your own leads contact them, qualify them, meet with them, all the way to the through the very end of the transaction, coordinating everything: all the different paperwork, all the different parties. The main difference between that and this is that I am able to focus on the things that I am actually good at; which is meeting with clients, finding them the right situation for them that meets their needs.  The parts of the selling aspect we all got into this business to do, the universal relationships and the buying and selling of property.  What’s great about Vinny’s Team is that it allows you to focus on those areas and have other people who are involved in the Team focus on their areas and all together we are more effective and efficient in getting the clients what they need.
There is no comparison.  It’s a continuous stream of qualified people who we are presented with and have the opportunity to meet and try to convert and sign.  There’s not really a down period from my experience. There’s not an off season.  We are in the busiest time of the year, it is the Spring and we are feeling the brunt of that.   From when I started in January in the winter time, it has been nonstop ever since then.   I would say that the volume doesn’t cease to flow in your direction.”   Christopher – The Steo Team

 "Working with the Steo Team has provided stability. The old adage of "feast or famine" that is often related to the real estate industry is gone. The amount of leads that roll in are more than sufficient. Not to mention the innovative system used to convert and contain the leads is paramount. I love the flexibility I have as well as the opportunity for financial growth." - Margo, The Steo Team

To Your Success,

Vinny Steo

Again, if you would like to schedule a no obligation 1-hour Q&A,
please call us at 443-877-4112.